Bouncing Back


Everyone deals with pain in different ways.

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Snow Days Rock!

Oh yeah! Another day to play. 🙂

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You Gotta Put Your Behind In Your Past

I’ve been sharing a little historical info in these last couple posts just to set the tone for what all will be on this blog.  Knitting is probably a no-brainer.  But beyond that, I gave myself a little challenge to learn to spin this year.  So, I’ll probably be throwing up a few pics on my progress every so often.  So far, the drop spindle has been my method of choice. Through the beginner goofs to the mini-successes to some nice surprises, I’ve developed quite a collection so far.

These were spun on my Greensleeves Barebones and Lady Barbara Spindles from my failed attempts years ago.  I affectionately call these singles skeins, Slub City. 🙂   [Read more…]