Blog Hopping

For you and me.

Because my sidebar doth overflow, these are all blogs and sites that I enjoy visiting whenever I can. Sometimes for a laugh; Sometimes for inspiration; Sometimes to learn something new; Sometimes, just for the photos…whatever. Also, if I can’t find a page, I put it in this list so I can get to it faster the next time. 😉

So, this list will probably get longer…and longer…and longer. You have been warned.


all kinds of knitting

all she wants to do is knit

a knitter’s digest

artistic expressions

ask the bellwether

brooklyn tweed

chem knits

craftie allie

craft stash

curls & q



feel good knitting

flowerpot designs

hand spinning news

indie dyer

introverted knitter

juniper moon farm blog

katie cornered

knitter’s review


let me say this about that

lexa lex

miss vicious knits

momma rocks stash

one saylor’s log

peacefully knitting

r1, k1


shannin banana

simply notable

sosae caetano

spider’s workshop


spin shoppe

spinning daily

sticks, strings & crafty things

sweaty knitter

sweet posy dreams

tech knitting

purl bee

words and stitches

yarn harlot


  1. Hello! I love your blog! I have a blog about knitting and what not that you may be interested in. You can check it out here:

    Alexa K

  2. I found me! Also, these sites seem to be pretty cool. Now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check some more out.

  3. Q – Love this blog! Laughed so hard at some of your “confessions” that I was crying. Is that a bad thing? LOL! Um, #17 – sounds as if you’re describing Girl Child? HUMMMM

  4. hey, thanks for the shout out! Already had some people head over to see what I have written about lately. Made me sort of ashamed of my ranting weekend last weekend. We will see if it shames me into being more calm this weekend. 🙂

  5. “y’all” I use that often too. I get some flack from my friends and coworkers because we do not live in a southern state. All in good fun though.

  6. I spy Fondant Fibre! Thank you …..I really need to update and use my blog more though! x

  7. I am always looking for new blogs..thank you ma’am

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