Don’t Drink & Spin

You have been forewarned.

Besides water, I don’t drink much. At all. So I have no tolerance. For anything. This is the perspective from which I am serving it to you straight up today.

Don’t drink and spin. Anything.

That is, don’t drink and spin anything, unless you can deal with the consequences.

Case in point…I taught a spinning class with Laurel this Saturday.  Theresa, one of our board members, did our fiber prep and bought me a caffeinated dream from Starbucks this past Saturday before the class. I LOVED IT! 😋 Thanks Theresa!!

I can’t say which was more delicious, the coffee or the wool! But, as for the coffee…In general, I don’t drink it much. There are good reasons for this. Once, years after kicking the habit, I had a small cup to wake me up one morning before work. I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it for the rest of my days. My teacher friend tells me how I sped past her umpteen times in the space of two minutes saying something like, “I have to turn the lights on in my room.” Or, “I’ve got to get my notebook.” And each time occurring with some variation of the question, “Did I tell you I had coffee today?”

But, it was spinning. This wasn’t work! And it was one day, one class…I figured, (in my best Amy Poehler impersonation) what could happen?


(if I could simultaneously summon Phyllis Smith) There is that little part about the caffeine going straight to the head…

In between tag-teaming participants Laurel and I could spin for fun and to demo. While I did spin, I couldn’t settle on the wheel long enough before I started with the spindle (and vice versa). So, this part of the team pretty much buzzed all day from one participant to the other. Rinse, repeat, and so on.

I did settle down enough half way through to take photos.

That’s Laurel’s niece. She has wanted to learn to spin on a wheel for a year. She did show us her spindle spinning skills though on a beautiful Bosworth spindle.

Looks like a natural to me!

The other participant was named Debbie. She is showing off her sheep below.

She thought it was time to learn what to do with the fleece and we couldn’t have agreed more! We started her with a spindle that day. I even brought my collection to show. Then, we moved her onto her wheel.

Debbie’s husband bought her this sturdy specimen. She practiced with her own wool as well as wool prepped by Theresa.  Debbie was really impressed with Theresa’s prep skills. Like buttah. Theresa’s a beast with her fiber prep! Debbie did an awesome job spinning it up too. Here she is with the blue fiber that Theresa prepped. Look at all the blue already covering her bobbin!

Laurel’s niece was no slouch either.

By the time the class was over, she had covered two bobbins!

Holy moly! Looks tons better than my first wheel spin! 👍🏾

Give that girl a wheel!

She did so well, Laurel did give her a wheel! She sent this beauty home with her. So exciting!

And guess how many bobbins I filled?  None.
BUT…I had a spin going on on one of my spindles that needed plying anyway. So, later that day, hanging out at home with the boyfriend, I took it out and made a bracelet…and all was going well until he made me a little drink. Then, the plying…Meh, it got a little fuzzy…

Before I knew it, my little bracelet that should have taken an hour at best to ply started to get carted around town again to complete.

Here it is back at the mill…

…with another drink.

See those little dangly bits hanging around that bracelet? They are the remnants of a plying bracelet going wrong at the hands of a slightly intoxicated spinner. But, at least the drink is an unassuming water bottle this time.

It’s only water, right? What could happen? 🙂


  1. So glad you are still happily spinning along…even if under the influence of…. You are a delightful story teller, Stacey! I accidentally drank a high caffeine coffee not long ago and highly amused my adult children with my lively chatter, but no yarn was within my manic grasp 🙂

    • Hey Gracie (waving!)! Thanks!
      That coffee is something, isn’t it? I love the taste of coffee. It probably doesn’t matter if it’s caffeinated or not to me for the flavor-it’s just so good! But, that caffeine is a busy little mistress. 😳 Lol!

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