Dear Santa, I’ve been Christmassing for a few days now.

What’s Christmasing, you say?

Well, its a little of everything in this case, Santa. But, in its crudest sense, it’s amassing as large amount of stuff to gift as you can in about two to three days. 

Translation: Christmasing is hard work!! 

It’s deciding at the last minute your going to make all of your Christmas cards this year. For everyone. All of them. Last minute. Yep.

It’s hanging incomplete stockings at the last minute, knowing they’d better have names on them by the time the grandmothers come visit or you’ll never hear the end of it. They’re done now…And, apparently, Christmasing is also wrestling tinsel pipe cleaners into names written in cursive too, Santa. Who in the world thought that up???

It’s deciding who gets which card…which is totally based on who we know is going to refrain from tossing it in the garbage, lol.

It’s all but kicking yourself for deciding to go handmade when you know good and well your stamping skills are mediocre at best. 🙂

And it’s finding all the different ways you can say pretty much the same thing 10 different times, lol!

See what I mean? 🙂 

Christmasing means putting aside the projects that won’t get you an FO to gift at the last minute. Sigh.

It’s also picking up new people for the Christmas gifting list…

Case in point, the boyfriend. He sent this gift to me at work this past week. So cute! My friends and I ooohed and aaaahed over them for at least an hour before I could focus on anything work related again. 

So, of course, it goes without saying, Santa, that Christmasing is not getting outdone in the gifting department. 🙂 

It’s starting a last minute knit for a knit-worthy person, refueling every so often with some hot chocolate. Here, I knit up a quick face cloth to go with a beard grooming kit I found at a store in Newark. 

I made a box from some Christmas papers. 

I got it all packed up and ready to go with a pen, leveler, ruler thing I found in B&N that made me think of him. 

Totally Christmassed this!! 

But, something was missing from this…

Aaaaaahh, yes. Another card! 

Like I said, Santa. Christmasing is hard work! 

Your Honorary Elf,

weekend knitter

P.S. Zzzzzzzzzzz. 


  1. As always your artistry wows me, Stacey! I made a few cards…very minimalist in every sense 🙂
    Thanks so much for posting. I am oooing and ahhing over the sweet gift you received from your boyfriend, too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xx

  2. Hi Gracie! I hope your Christmas has been wonderful! Mine has been bittersweet after hearing about a very, very good friend. Thanks for the compliments. 🙂 These cards had some help from specialty paper stacks and embellishments, so…there’s that lol! Christmas in two days is a tall order for anyone!

    I loved the flowers too! He’s a sweetie! He’s as forgetful as me, so I was surprised he remembered my favorite color!

  3. Your cards look lovely! As always, it’s good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well and will post again soon.

    • Hi Sarah! Good to hear from you as well!

      Thanks! I have promised myself that I would never buy another card again since I have A LOT (like A LOT) of paper and some good cardmaking stuffs. Plus, commercial cards cost too much for me sometimes. I try to put in the time to challenge and enjoy myself with these and see what I get. 😊

      Thanks for the well wishes! I’m definitely working on it!

  4. I like when the stamping isn’t perfect on projects. It’s all part of the handmade part of it. If I wanted something to be perfect, I’d buy something made by a machine.

    • Amen to that!! That is so encouraging! My stamping tends to fluctuate. But, I do think the imperfections render a handmade gift authentic. Come to think of it, I do remember reading something a long time ago on the difference between handmade and homemade that might play into this…I can’t recall everything about it except that it was an interesting discussion on quality. But, I tend to think that if the overall card comes across as having been put together with care, then it’s a quality card in my book.

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