I’ve been having the same conversation lately with multiple people, it seems…

Person: What’re you doing for your 40th birthday this year?

Me: Not much. Playing with the same toys I was playing with when I was 39…

You know…my spindle, my photo printers, my scrapbooking stuff, etc. That’s kind of it. I suspect my next birthday I’ll be doing the same thing. Only…

I might be missing my father-in-law a bit more since he left us this year.

I might also be missing Boy Child a little more now that he’s at school in Georgia.

I’ll probably will be hugely grateful that there’s a little space between him and his high school sweetheart of this past year.

What can I say? I’m a pretty typical mom.

I could be more deeply involved with a sweetheart of my own. 

I might be even a bit more confident having been in my home over a year.

And learning to cook healthier foods with my food processor.

Ok, so some are not so healthy. 😉 

I will certainly have collected a few more memories.

I will have made a few things for friends and family.

…and maybe a few more great quotes to live by too like this one here.

This one is a good one too.

And I’ll probably still be finding ways to sneak some craftiness into my life here and there like #saturdaynightspinning.

But, I guess we’ll see about all that next year.



  1. Laurel Haring says:

    It all looks and sounds great. BTW, a woman who came to one of our classes mentioned seeing a lovely young woman spindle spinning at the mall. It seems that this young woman also did the coolest thing with her foot and the spindle…. :o)

  2. Lol happy birthday, and good luck sorting out the sweetheart thing. 😉

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂 I’m caring about your losses and cheering you on your creative journey in the days ahead! xx

    • Awww thanks Gracie! I just heard from Boy Child and he was feeling kind of down. 😦 Hurts I can’t be there to help. But, what won’t kill him will only make him stronger?? Idk. Those sayings don’t help a lot when it’s your kid…

      I think I have a few more creative days left in me yet. We’ll see what this year brings!

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