Hello December

Okay.  I’ve got a laundry list of knitting to do. Time to kick it into full gear. That’s when I start making some quick projects to knock the list down to something a little more manageable.

I always seem to have some cotton lingering around somewhere.  And who couldn’t use an extra dishcloth or two, right?  So with the large skeins of cotton, dishcloths are the ticket.  This year though, I have a ton of small skeins of cotton left over.  More than usual.  So, I’m considering making tawashi out of them.  Tawashi is Japanese for “bundle”, but most folks I know call them scrubbies.  They’re used for busting suds in the kitchen or to exfoliate your face (if made from cotton) and can be knit or crocheted. They’re good for stash-busting too.  Click here for a cute slideshow of some colorful tawashi.

I’m pretty sure I have enough of cotton left to make a few sets.  So, that should make December a little easier.  And since it would be a new one on my MIL, I’m sure they’ll grab a smile or two.




  1. I was wondering what you were making. This is such a pretty stitch. Hand-knit and crocheted dishcloths are the way to go. No store-bought one is the same. I just finished up knitting one recently.

  2. I know how you feel, I’m frantically trying to minimize my gift list. I’m working on socks. My mother requested her swetaer get a makeover. I made it quuite a while ago, there was a little problem with one sleeve but she still wore it. 🙂 This year she told me that for Christmas I could fix said sleeve. Dishclothes are a good idea…

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